Finding Your Voice

We had some friends recently visit our home. Our dog Zoey was checking them out, no doubt recognizing their familiar scent. Zoey, swept away with excitement, was jumping all over them, and even let out a small bark of excitement. Our friends, who had been around us and Zoey many times over the last 8 […]

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I Blame Google

Yep.  I said it.  I blame google.  For what?  You might ask?  For taking away opportunities to communicate with other humans.  For making information too easy to access.  For taking away the jobs of door-to-door encyclopedia salesmen (and women). Sounds like I have an axe to grind…but really, I’m not mad, just shocked that it […]

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The Rhythm Of Life

At some point between birth and age 4, I became fascinated with playing the drums.  So, I used anything that would function as drumsticks, and banged on anything that would function as drums.  At first, the infatuation was simply the noise that I could create…and obviously, the hopes of one day becoming a rock star. […]

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Roemer Haiti Relief

Dear Friends, I want to utilize this platform that I have to share with you an opportunity to provide direct relief and support to the storm stricken citizens of Haiti.  I know that as I post this blog, the same storm system, Matthew, is approaching landfall in the USA. Since assuming our Pastoral role here […]

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Touch Points

There’s a buzz word (or concept) floating around the business world called TOUCH POINTS.  I’ve recently used this a few times in regards to personal touch points, as opposed to just the way corporate America uses this term.  The term is commonly used in reference to perhaps a sales rep contacting a potential client.  Essentially, […]

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Just Say No

One of my earliest memories regarding social/political things, would have to be the Just Say No drug awareness campaign in the early 80s.  Former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, was the creator and a staunch supporter of this campaign, and it’s purpose was to inform kids of the various ways to say no, when propositioned with doing […]

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Just Win

This picture nearly broke the internet when it posted, late on August 15.  It sparked a lot of controversy for the very fact that the winner did so, by throwing herself across the finish line, as opposed to the normally graceful style that the second place runner finished. While this is definitely an unconventional method […]

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Two Senses That Don’t Make Any Sense

It is common knowledge that we have 5 primary senses.  You probably feel like you’re back in the 3rd grade…now what are they class?  Say them with me…taste, touch, hearing, smell and sight.  Clearly, these 5 senses come in quite handy in our day to day lives.  When these senses are operating properly, they help […]

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Word Accountability

Word Accountability Much of what I write about is usually inspired by my life, my current experiences, the interaction I have with other people, things I observe, and, oh by the way, what life, as a parent is teaching me!  Currently, one of the valuable lessons my wife and I are attempting to teach our […]

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10 Things That Require Zero Talent (Part 2)

I recently came across this graphic, 10 Things That Require Zero Talent, and, well…let’s just say, it ministered to me!  I guess because at this particular time in my life, I have 13-year old twins…teenagers…wow!  I thought I would be prepared for this, I mean, after all, I was a student pastor for about 15 years, but […]

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