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10 Things That Require Zero Talent (Part 1)

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I recently came across this graphic, 10 Things That Require Zero Talent, and, well…let’s just say, it ministered to me!  I guess because at this particular time in my life, I have 13-year old twins…teenagers…wow!  I thought I would be prepared for this, I mean, after all, I was a student pastor for about 15 years, but the valuable life lessons I attempt to transmit to them everyday seem to frequently fall on deaf ears.  Of course, that is not going to stop me!  And when I came across this list, I knew that this would be something that I would add to my repertoire.

Allow me to just take a quick glance at this “top 10 list”.

  1. Being On Time.  I have had several people over the last decade or so, that have helped me with this first concept.  Let’s just say, I did not inherit this “being on time” gene.  It was not passed along to me.  However, I have learned how to be on time…actually, let me rephrase, I have learned the importance of being on time, and making it a priority!  Clearly, this is something that requires zero talent!  So, be on time…in fact, I say, be 5 minutes early!
  2. Work Ethic.  The longer I live, the more I realize that greatness doesn’t happen accidentally.  We are currently doing a series, at the church where I am privileged to pastor, called “Be Great”.  We are basing this idea off of the Great Commandment, and the Great Commission.  One of the things I have tried to communicate is that there are NO SHORTCUTS to greatness!  Hard work, and a strong work ethic is the engine that will drive you to achieve whatever greatness you set out to do in your own life!
  3. Effort.  While having a work ethic is one thing, also being willing to put forth an effort is another thing!  No doubt your work ethic will require effort.  And, anything worth accomplishing in life will always require effort.  Granted, there are some things that will come naturally in life, but in order to separate yourself from the countless others that you’re in competition with, your effort could be the very thing that separates you from the masses!
  4. Body Language.  Here we go.  This one really gets my blood pressure going up!  I recently sat in a very important meeting, with an extremely delicate topic up for discussion.  As I entered the individual’s office, and took my seat across from his desk, about 15 seconds into the conversation, I was immediately disturbed by his body language.  First of all, he was slouched in his chair.  Second, he had his arms crossed.  And third, he peered over the lenses of his glasses the entire time.  Let’s break his body language down.  By his slouching posture, I didn’t really feel that he was taking my concerns seriously.  He was a little too comfortable, and a little too laid back for my preference.  To make matters worse, with his arms crossed, that signaled his lack of openness to the things that I was trying to share with him.  And finally, the placement of his spectacles on the tip of his nose, well, let’s just say my interpretation of that was that he was skeptical of my very legitimate concerns!  Ladies and gentlemen, your body language is communicating something to the people you interact with…the only question is, what are you communicating?
  5. Energy.  Finally, our energy, or the vibes you bring to your team, your organization, the meetings you might lead, are very important.  And, by the way, require zero talent!  Your energy, and excitement can make the difference in whether your audience receives what you are trying to say or not!  Your energy in the classroom will definitely play a role, in how your students embrace what you are trying to teach.  Your energy as a public speaker, will determine whether you have engaged your audience or not!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the 10 Things That Require Zero Talent.

To be clear, the author or originator of this thought is unknown.  I simply found it on the internet.  Thank you internet!  ?

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