10 Things That Require Zero Talent (Part 1)

[sgmb id=1]   I recently came across this graphic, 10 Things That Require Zero Talent, and, well…let’s just say, it ministered to me!  I guess because at this particular time in my life, I have 13-year old twins…teenagers…wow!  I thought I would be prepared for this, I mean, after all, I was a student pastor for […]

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Whether you’re in the public sector, working in a church environment, or volunteering as a leader in some capacity, the success of our jobs depends on how productive we can be.  I just want to mention several tools that I use that might help you increase productivity.  (Note: Find what works best for you!  Just […]

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Release The Brakes

Perhaps you live in a beautiful, warm tropical climate, which would make me a) very jealous of you, and b) highly suspicious that you’ll have any clue of what I’m attempting to illustrate.   Here in the midwest, we’ve been known to occasionally get a little snow.  It’s to the point now, where I don’t […]

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