An Accidental Collision With Awesomeness

Alright.  Here’s how this goes.  You accidentally did something awesome.  I know.  I know.  After it happens, we’re always like, “Yea, I did that on purpose”…but the truth of the matter is, sometimes we just accidentally make the right choice or decision, that is…well, there’s no other way to put it…awesome!

Maybe think about it like this.  There are certain clothes hanging in your closet that you wore 20 years ago…now, you haven’t touched them in 2 decades, but if you accidentally wore that particular outfit that was all the rage 20 years ago, who knows?  You might accidentally be cool, relevant, and maybe even awesome again!  My wife’s grandfather, who passed away several years ago, had a whole closet full of suits and ties, that were probably 50+ years old.  Now mind you, he didn’t wear them to look cool, he wore them to “get his money’s worth”, but surprisingly, the wheel of fashion eventually cycled back around, and some of his apparel choices were actually awesome again!

Here’s the application.  That old ministry, that old passion for God, that old inspiration that you filed away fully expecting to never have any use for again…well, let me just say, it might be time to dust it off and clear off all the cobwebs…it just might be time to reintroduce it to the general public, and who knows?  It just might accidentally collide with awesome again!  Just when you thought you were no longer of any use, value, importance, or even relevance, your luck just might be changing!  Be on the lookout for your next accidental collision with awesomeness.

Now, go…be awesome!