Awareness…And Then Adjustment

Probably one of the most tragic leadership mistakes that can be made is to simply be unaware of your reality.  This goes for both strengths AND weaknesses.  If you’re not aware of your strengths, you will live a very frustrated life, never quite finding the fulfillment that you are so desperately searching for.  And the inverse is also true.  If you’re not aware of your weaknesses, then how will you know what you need to do to improve and get better?

So awareness is critical in our ongoing development and improvement as leaders.  Awareness can be achieved through two primary means: self-evaluation, and then constructive criticism by trusted mentors, family members, and friends.  The bottom line is that we need to be open to other’s feedback, criticism, and correction.  Do not reject people that take the risk to speak into your life.  Obviously, it’s easy to receive praise and admonition, but sometimes we get defensive when we receive (an often much needed) reprove or rebuke.

Once a general awareness has been achieved, the job is not yet complete.  We would be foolish to know that something needs to change or happen, and then not act on it!  If you can’t provide an honest evaluation of yourself, then seek out someone that will lovingly, and even prayerfully, help you to discover what it might be that you need to improve on.  Trust is paramount!  Just make sure that you have an increased and constant awareness!

Don’t delay, please don’t put this off.  Your best days as a leader are no doubt in your future.  And that’s not saying that you haven’t already achieved great success!  I firmly believe that you can, and that you will do better and be better.

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