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The Big Three

I had the privilege of speaking to the fine folks I’m honored to Pastor Sunday, March 15, 2015 about salvation!  What a novel idea!  For a Pastor of a church to encourage and challenge the congregation to be saved, get saved, and stay saved!  Do churches still do that? Anyways, I felt convicted that I […]

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To the best of my knowledge, I haven’t ran very many marathons.  But if I had, I think one of the keys to successfully running a marathon would be the pace one might choose.  Obviously, if you’re a Kenyan, and you frequently run and win marathons, your pace would be a little faster than say, […]

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Pray It Forward

Last week, I drove through Starbuck’s to use the remaining balance of a gift card I had received for my birthday.  When I arrived at the window to pay, the barista informed me that the vehicle in front of me had paid for my items!  I gotta be honest with you, this is not the […]

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When we think of influence, we instincivly  think of some highly charismatic, strong personality, motivated and driven leader.  Pause with me however today, and abandon your preconceived ideas of a person with influence.  As a career student pastor, I have noticed that leadership, and influence, comes in a wide range and variety of packages.  It […]

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Release The Brakes

Perhaps you live in a beautiful, warm tropical climate, which would make me a) very jealous of you, and b) highly suspicious that you’ll have any clue of what I’m attempting to illustrate.   Here in the midwest, we’ve been known to occasionally get a little snow.  It’s to the point now, where I don’t […]

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Now here’s a deep subject.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one.  Perhaps it’s just me, but have you ever looked back into the days of yesteryear of your life, and been critical, ashamed, embarrassed, regretful of your past?   Your roots?  Maybe you’ve looked back with pride, perhaps your “roots” prompt a smile on your face, and bring […]

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Practical Discipleship

Several years ago I sat in session at a popular Student Ministry conference focused on discipling students.  I went in expecting to receive some deep, theological revelation, a real fancy-shmancy, sophisticated version of WWJD, but found myself stunned (in a good way) at how practical discipleship could be. Simply put, Bo Boshers, a veteran of Student […]