Life Resources Speaking


The following is an excerpt from a recent sermon series I did @APCofCburg.  I have had frequent conversations with people from our church who have referenced the fact that they have been able to easily identify that they themselves in fact have been going through a WILDerness in there life.  I hope that this will […]

Ministry Speaking

Connecting While Communicating

Congratulations.  You just completed a 45 minute speech, and no one knows what you just said.  Or, should I say, no knows what you attempted to say.  You argue that you spent hours preparing your speech.  You rehearsed it, you reviewed it, you rehearsed it again.  Body language.  Voice inflections.  You nailed your 3 points.  And […]

Leadership Speaking

Finding Your Voice

We had some friends recently visit our home. Our dog Zoey was checking them out, no doubt recognizing their familiar scent. Zoey, swept away with excitement, was jumping all over them, and even let out a small bark of excitement. Our friends, who had been around us and Zoey many times over the last 8 […]


Pathway To Infamy

I don’t know if you have seen this video yet, I watched it one time through (a little over a minute long), and then tried to watch it again 2 different times, and it was just too painful to endure in it’s entirety.  So, of course, I wanted to share it with you. Okay, I’m […]