Celebrate What You Have

We live in such a greedy, selfish world!  We all want more.  We all want, what’s next!  We all want the biggest, the best, of everything!

Many times I have to bring a reality check to our kids who get caught up in this madness.  For example, we could be at Disney World, and I could imagine them asking, “What are we going to do next?”  Seriously?  We’re at Disney World!  This is like the mecca for entertainment for everyone!  Why not enjoy and embrace THIS moment.  Let’s just celebrate where we currently are, and what we currently have!

I heard a popular sports radio personality talking about this exact thing.  As sports fans, we get caught up in who the next superstar will be, and when they will be added to our team!  His point was, your team might already have 3 superstars…just pause for a moment, relax, and celebrate what you already have!!!

Today, pause for just a moment and celebrate:

  1. The moments
  2. The seasons
  3. The memories
  4. The people
  5. The journey