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Okay, I admit it…I like White Castle.  No, let me rephrase, I LOVE White Castle.  I can remember my first Pastor taking me to White Castle as a youngster, what a special treat!  And where we lived, they served Big Red (think cream soda, but better)…that my friend was the good ole days!  So, I’ve learned that we as humans can essentially be divided into two groups: those who LOVE White Castle, and those who LOATHE White Castle.  For those that LOVE White Castle, WC has come up with this clever marketing campaign using some form of the word crave!  In fact, you can even purchase a “Crave Case”, that’ll get you 30 sliders…

White Castle believes that if they can make eating their food an emotional experience, they’ll have a better chance of you consuming their product.  I think that within all of us, there are plenty of things that we crave, some are good, and some are not so good.  

The trick is adding things to our lives that are good, and eliminating those things which are not good.  (At some point we will discuss things that are amoral…that is, neither good nor bad).  

What do you crave?  What do you hunger for?  What does your appetite look like?  I challenge you to really consider this, because this will determine how you spend your time, how you spend your money, and even how you spend your self.  Sounds like stewardship doesn’t it?