The Big Three

I had the privilege of speaking to the fine folks I’m honored to Pastor Sunday, March 15, 2015 about salvation!  What a novel idea!  For a Pastor of a church to encourage and challenge the congregation to be saved, get saved, and stay saved!  Do churches still do that? Anyways, I felt convicted that I […]

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To the best of my knowledge, I haven’t ran very many marathons.  But if I had, I think one of the keys to successfully running a marathon would be the pace one might choose.  Obviously, if you’re a Kenyan, and you frequently run and win marathons, your pace would be a little faster than say, […]

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Pray It Forward

Last week, I drove through Starbuck’s to use the remaining balance of a gift card I had received for my birthday.  When I arrived at the window to pay, the barista informed me that the vehicle in front of me had paid for my items!  I gotta be honest with you, this is not the […]

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