Disney And Their Bad Food

My mind has been racing from the very moment we arrived in Orlando, FL home of Disney World! It truly is a remarkable place, and not just for kids, but the entertainment has evolved over the years and now even adults are engaged in the various forms of entertainment.

However, being the self proclaimed food connoisseur that I am, the one thing I’ve recognized on this trip, that I did not recognize on previous trips, is Disney’s bad food!

Now, obviously, this does not prevent the masses from coming to this magical place, however, it did spark a few thoughts that I’d like to share with you.

1. It’s Just Food. To be perfectly honest, the people that come to visit Disney don’t pay thousands of dollars to experience great food. After all, you can find good food pretty much anywhere! They come to Disney for Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the gang!  So, the question must be asked: why do people visit your business, church or organization?

2. At Least It’s Something. Now, to the untrained taste bud, their food might be acceptable. But to a professional eater like myself, the difference is palpable. Yet, it is edible. Here’s part of the Disney magic, you don’t even have to leave the park to be fed! Oh the genius of Disney.  The question I have is, not so much, what can you get away with, but what need or service MUST you provide in order for people to visit your business, church or organization?

3. They’re Accomplishing One Of Their Goals. Let’s be honest, when it’s all said and done, the reason Disney (just like every other business) exists is to make money! Well, mission complete! With 8 people in our entourage, we’re lucky if we can all eat a meal for less than $100. But hey, that’s okay, because we, just like everyone else I’ve ever talked to, love Disney!  What is your business, church or organization’s goals?  Once that question is answered, are you reaching those goals?

4. It’s Not WHY they Exist. Finally, and this is what separates the Good to Great companies (read this book by Jim Collins if you haven’t already), they know why they exist. They exist to provide an over the top, unrivaled, entertainment experience. Not to make the best burgers in town.  So yes, Disney can get away with having mediocre food, but that really doesn’t matter, that’s not the main reason why people will spend a week or so visiting their theme parks!  Ask yourself this question: bottom line, why does my business, church or organization exist?

So here’s the deal. Some things are not negotiable. When I visit Disney world, I want to see Mickey Mouse, ride Space Mountain, and see the iconic Princess castle. However, some things are, and at Disney, food is one of those things.

As a business, church or organization; whoever you are or whatever you do, you must have a decent amount of self awareness, otherwise you might not ever attract the crowds you believe you should attract!

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