Easter 2020

Part of me is definitely hurting today, as we are unable to assemble ourselves together.  However, I have been thinking about our church, empty, void of people, but my mind quickly races to another location that was also empty on this day that we celebrate.  THE TOMB!

I want you to just think about this today, and BE ENCOURAGED!  While the church might be empty, the tomb was also discovered as empty, and this started a movement, a change, that has never stopped!

So while we can’t have mass gatherings right now, and it’s an unprecedented time for all of us, just remember how Jesus’ followers initially felt when they discovered an empty tomb.  

While many were scared and confused, those that knew were rejoicing in the hope, in the promise, that everything that had ever before been prophesied, was now starting to come to pass and be fulfilled. 

So take joy today, be of good cheer, for He is not in the tomb any longer, because He is risen!  

I pray that we also follow that same posture that the Lord Himself took…to get up, and get out!  Okay, maybe not literally right now, but deep within your spirit, get up, and get out!  

In the meantime, be watchful, be vigilant, and let’s stay prayed up, so that when this quarantine is lifted, we can come together once again and rejoice and be exceedingly glad!

By Nate Roemer

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