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Enable Quiet Time

The "Enable Quiet Time" app that is under the notification settings on the HootSuite app, for iPhone.
The “Enable Quiet Time” app that is under the notification settings on the HootSuite app, for iPhone.

Ahhh…quiet time.  As a parent, this almost sounds like an oxymoron!  In fact, I had forgotten that turning it on and off was even an option until I began looking at some of the various settings on an app that I use called HootSuite.  And then I remembered, quiet time is always an option, we just have to remember to “enable” it.

Ironically, this post has sat on the back burner for several days now, and for me to post it today is not a coincidence.  The pace of life is often times exhausting and breathtaking, rarely do we ever get the chance (at least in my world) to really sit back, relax, reflect, and just enjoy some quiet time.

So, I have decided to post this concept for the very first time on Memorial Day 2014.  Honestly, it’s the first day in (I really can’t remember the last time) that I had no major deadlines to meet, no major projects that HAD to be finished before I left the office for the day, or a half dozen different places that I had to shuttle my kids to and from.  And yes, I did just return from vacation a week ago…and there was nothing relaxing about it!  My family and I had an awesome trip, but we just jam-packed everything into it we possible could.

So now that you know that quiet time is a possibility, here are a few simple steps to actually make it become a reality:

  1. Make it a priority.  Many times our list of priorities are constantly in flux, that my friend is not a healthy way to live.  It almost defeats the whole purpose for having priorities.  Priorities need to be careful and meticulously chosen, and then you have to maintain their order!  By making quiet time a priority, I really believe that you are one step closer to enjoying this moment.
  2. Schedule it.  Based on the rhythm of your day, simply schedule it.  Don’t feel pressured to get up at 5 AM because other people do, or for that matter, don’t feel like you HAVE to do it at 10:00 PM sharp because that’s when others do.  The point is, find out what works best for you.  Schedule it. And then do it!
  3. Don’t give up if you miss a day or two…or twenty.  This is where a lot of us really struggle.  We put so much pressure on ourselves to launch something new, or try something new, that when (notice I said when and not if) we mess up, we just give up on the whole thing!  If you miss a day, pick back up the next day.  If you miss a week, pick back up the next week.  You’re really just trying to work your way into a habit!  Something that’s just automatically a part of your daily life!
  4. Protect it.  This borderlines being synonymous with making quiet time a priority, but I really want to encourage you to protect your quiet time.  For this reason.  YOU NEED IT!  It’s healthy.  Don’t feel bad, or feel selfish, but yes, this is just for you.  You’re wanting to be a better spouse or parent?  That’s great!  Make sure you enable quiet time in your life for personal growth, devotion, reflection, and everyone around you will reap the benefits of you becoming a healthier, better YOU!

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