Personal Growth


Someone once said “it’s better to be warm and vertical, than cold and horizontal”.  After about 13 minutes I realized what they were saying…IT’S GOOD TO BE ALIVE!  Get it?  Cold and horizontal?  In a casket, presumably buried?  Dead?  Flatline? 

Anyways, it seems like life is a blur.  In a recent conversation I had, I found myself discussing, these ups and downs of life, that we all experience!  In fact, the person I was speaking with agreed with me that we’re both “too busy”.  After our brief pity party, I really began to examine what we were saying.  I mean, after all, what’s the alternative?  

I do understand that sometimes we can have too much going on at once, and let me reassure you, it’s okay to say NO to some things.  However, we’re at our best when we’re not just being busy, but being productive.  

And living a productive life, will always include seasons…ups and downs…almost a rhythmic ebb and flow.  But keep moving.  Keep living. Keep challenging yourself (and others) to be better!  Because one day, and it is inevitable…we will all flatline.