The God Of The 1%

Okay, so I’m sure this has never been used as a sermon illustration before, but it actually works in regards to what I would like to share with you.  In one of the “dumbest” movies of all time, the main character is madly in love with a woman who essentially wants nothing to do with him.  He has literally chased her all across the country in an effort to return something of value to her, when at the climax of the film, he finally puts it all out there.  He asks “What are the chances of a guy like me and a girl like you getting together?”  To which she responds “I’d say 1 in a million!”  Now, most people would have taken the hint to get lost, give up, and go find a new love interest, but not this guy.  After a brief pause, he excitedly replies, “So you’re saying there’s still a chance!”

Oh what optimism!  Maybe this is what child-like faith somewhat looks like.  Maybe we should take our spiritual cue from this type of an attitude and approach to life, that no matter what the Vegas odds are, even if they’re 1 in a million, we believe and live as if we still have a chance!  Remember that scripture, with God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)!

The God Of The 1%

Now, in a more Biblical and mature fashion, I have concluded in my life, that we serve a God that specializes in the miraculous, the kind of miracles like turning water into wine, parting the Red Sea, even causing the sun to stand still.  In fact, there is even one incredible story in the Bible where a guy walks on water!  Impossible you say.  Actually, I had a college science professor that explained to us that it wasn’t a scientific impossibility.  Improbable he suggested, but not impossible. This my friend is the God of the 1%.  The God that works out the deal when there’s a 99% chance it won’t happen.  The God that looks at the medical records, that states there’s a 99% chance the disease is in your body, and still decides to heal you anyways.  The God that sees us heading into a situation with a 99% fail rate, and yet somehow, miraculously, we succeed.  Yes, that is the God of the 1%!

It’s actually quite scary and even intimidating to me sometimes.  Just when we think we’re 99% sure on what to do, where to go, who to see in life, and then God politely taps us on the shoulder, to gently remind us, that He is still in control!  But that doesn’t make any sense right?  That’s impossible!  No, not impossible, perhaps improbable, maybe even highly improbable, but that’s just the way that the God of the 1% works.

Consider the following questions:

  1. What am I facing right now in my life that I literally have no idea how to deal with it?
  2. What questions do I have right now, that I honestly have no answers for?
  3. What relationships are so strained right now, that they almost seem irreparable?

Take a moment and prayerfully seek out the God of the 1%.  Perhaps even write down some possible solutions.  Don’t underestimate what God might inspire you to do, or how to act, or react!  Remember, the God of the 1% knows exactly what you’re going through, and exactly what you need to do.

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