God & Family

I’ve been thinking all week about the delicate management of my life, and the people in this world that really depend on me.  My wife, my three children namely.  Their world without me would be significantly more challenging.  Let’s take it a step further, their world without me functioning at a high level would be significantly more difficult.  Husbands, we must minister to the needs of our wives (spiritual, emotional, physical, etc.).  Fathers, we must be there for our kids, giving them the love, affirmation, and even discipline that they so desperately need from us.

With that said, I had the chance a few weeks ago to attend a conference where I was privileged to hear Andy Stanley speak.  Andy is a “mega-church” pastor, and well known Christian author and personality.  I do not know him personally, but all indications are, he’s a great guy.  Here are some of his observations regarding God, church, ministry, and family.  This really ministered to me, and I wanted to share them with you.  Again, these are the thoughts, ideas and concepts of Andy Stanley.

  1. As a married man, I should enjoy being with my wife, even when our kids are not around
  2. Create an environment so that our kids want to be together, even when they no longer have to be
  3. Don’t give to the church (or your ministry) what you should give to your family
  4. Don’t ever give up something that is unique to you for something that someone else can do
  5. Your greatest contribution to the church may not be something you do, but someone you raise
  6. Discipline with the goal of preserving your relationship, not your reputation
  7. Pray together at every stage of life
  8. Prioritize your marriage on the calendar
  9. Say no for now, but that does not mean forever
  10. Nobody at home should feel like they’re competing with somebody at church

Finally, I leave you with this quote: “When it comes to family and the church, don’t give God the responsibility to do something you’re supposed to do, and try to take on the responsibility to do something that God was supposed to do…your responsibility is to your family, God’s responsibility is to the church.”

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!