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Guest Post: Using Social Media For Churches (By Jacob Tapia)

Social Media Explained1. Keep posts short.  People are mostly scanning through their feeds and don’t usually take the time to read through long posts.  Keep it simple and get your message across in statement and question forms that are brief and easy to read.  

2.  Include a call to action.  Ask, “What do I want the reader to do?” in order to come up with the “next step”.  This could be encouraging the reader to click on a link, share, or tag the post, etc. 

3.  Post Pictures.  Include old pictures dug up from past directories, recent event photos, and promotional pieces for current/future church/ministry events.  If you have multiple photos, don’t post them all at once, and post them to your timeline.

4.  Tag people.  Use tags to get people involved and talking about the post.  When people are specifically tagged in a post, they will be more inclined to comment or share.  

5.  Post continuously.  The minimum a person should post is once a week for a ministry, or daily for a personal post, IF they want to keep their ratings/views up.  

6.  Use the promote options with Facebook in order to reach more people.  $5-$20 can go a long way to connect people in your area with your organization.    

7.  Repost/like again.  This is a useful feature because you can link the past with the present, or the present with the past!

8.  Check-in.  Use the check-in option for your organization’s page and encourage your members/clients to do the same.


Used with permission from Jacob Tapia…check out his site