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When we think of influence, we instincivly  think of some highly charismatic, strong personality, motivated and driven leader.  Pause with me however today, and abandon your preconceived ideas of a person with influence.  As a career student pastor, I have noticed that leadership, and influence, comes in a wide range and variety of packages.  It is also important to note that not all leadership and influence is positive!  Imagine a disruptive student constantly distracting and negatively influencing a classroom full of other students.  

Biblically, when we think of individuals of influence, we think of a Moses, or Joseph, or David, or the Apostle Paul, but let’s shift our criteria and expectation for influence.  Consider this epic event in the Bible where Jesus feeds the 5,000.  Yea, I know that Jesus was kinda the hero in all of this, but there was also another key player that highly influenced this situation.  The boy with the fish and the bread.  The bench warmer.  The kid who is always the last one picked.  The kid who by most standards just might not even make the cut.  The last one picked for teams.  Are you starting to get it now?

Just because you’re not THE leader, THE head honcho doesn’t mean that you can’t positively influence lives, environments, your peers, even your enemies!  

Realize your position…perhaps God has divinely placed you there?  And then make a conscious choice and decision to be that guy or gal, of influence!