What Just Happened?

Headin South Y'all

What just happened?  In something that can’t be described as anything other than an act of God, my family and I will begin the transition to a Senior Pastoral role at the wonderful church of APC Campbellsburg, in my home state of Kentucky!  It’s still difficult to grasp that I will be leaving the place (Chicagoland) where I thought that I would one day die, and return to the place where I was born.  In fact, Campbellsburg, lying due east on the outskirts of the metropolitan area of Louisville, is located just 20 minutes from where I graduated from high school.  Needless to say, this is just the beginning of the irony.  I just want to share with you a brief timeline of the events, as well as highlight a few individuals that played a vital role in making this happen!

  1. About 6 months ago now, APC’s Pastor, Rev. James Maroney (@Jamesmaroney) contacted my Pastor, Rev. Brent Coltharp (@BrentColtharp) to inquire if I would be interested in joining the discussion about assuming the Pastorate at APC
  2. Following their discussion, and with Pastor Brent’s blessing and approval, Pastor Maroney contacted me
  3. When Pastor Maroney called, I had no idea what he was going to say, and then he dropped what was like an atomic bomb…he asked if I would prayerfully consider submitting my name as the next Pastor of APC
  4. With this one phone call, two very important prayers were answered/confirmed
    1. I had felt impressed in the Spirit, going back about 4 years ago, that the summer of 2014 would hold a transition or change for our family
    2. I had always prayed (what seemed a ridiculous prayer) that if God wanted us to Pastor, then the “position” would come and find us, not us go looking for a “position”
  5. For the next several weeks, there was much private discussion between myself and both Pastor Maroney and Pastor Brent…we all diligently prayed that GOD’S WILL would be done
  6. Finally, in August, my family and I visited for a weekend…we ministered in the service, and had a special time of meeting everyone, capped off with some food and fellowship, as they say, MARONEY STYLE
    1. My wife commented after our time at the church, that “it felt like home” and that “loving the people, would be very easy to do”!
  7. So what just happened?  Last night, Tuesday, October 14, we received a message that the church had voted us in!  Of course we accepted their vote, and are so excited about this next chapter in our lives

Now, for the not so fun part…leaving the incredible people of FAC Aurora (@facaurora).  For the last 10+ years, we have faithfully served our “family”.  There’s really no other way to put it.  From the moment we drove into town, we were instantly treated like family!  Not outsiders.  What a great church this has been, and will be.  You can’t be a part of a church like this and just walk away.  There is (and always will be) a deep emotional and spiritual connection to the church, the leadership, and the people.  Pastor Brent and Sis. Rachel Coltharp (@rcolt92) have been nothing but supportive and loving through this whole process.  Their friendship and Pastoral role in our lives will last a lifetime.  Additionally, there is a great comfort in our lives knowing that we have a godly covering and spiritual protection by one of the most godly men to ever walk on this planet, Bishop Bill Coltharp, and his wife Sis. Sharlene Coltharp.  To say that we are forever indebted to them would be an understatement.

To all of our friends and “family” at FAC Aurora, we will miss you all terribly!  We have rejoiced together, mourned together, laughed together, worshipped together, prayed together…and even on a few occasions, shared a meal together!  We will miss seeing your smiling, loving faces, and all the joy you have brought to us over the last 10 years will be treasured as the fondest of memories.  To the students I have attempted to lead…wow, you guys have kept me young!  Uncle Nate has tremendous faith in all of you, and I know that you are all capable of doing BIG THINGS!  Please, just put God first in EVERYTHING that you do!  And to those that have served directly with us in various leadership roles and capacities, we have confidence in each and every one of you…we know that you will take ministry at FAC Aurora to unprecedented heights!

And certainly last but not least, thank you Pastor and Sis. Maroney for following God’s plan for your lives, and listening to His voice.  Without you stepping out on faith, and contacting us, a family who merely were acquaintances with you, none of this would have ever happened.  It definitely shows that you are Kingdom minded, and are only interested in building the Kingdom of God, and not your own.  Please know that you have left your fingerprints all over APC (that’s a good thing!), and that your presence will always be woven into the very fiber of this great church.  Furthermore, the foundation of APC’s founding Pastors, Rev. Paul and Sis. Maureen Perry is true, tried, and strong.  It WILL last.  And every layer you have built upon their foundation represents growth and impact.  That is something we do not take lightly or for granted.  On behalf of APC, thank you for 15 years of service…and you are always welcome to come back and visit your ole stomping grounds!

APC Campbellsburg!  Let’s do this!  We’ve met once…and that was just enough to begin to weave our hearts and spirits together.  My family and I pledge to lead fiercely in good times and in bad.  Let’s continue to build His Kingdom, for His glory, and on His time and schedule!

With Love to all,

Nate & Sarah Roemer & Co.

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