Keep Out Crazy!

I am often humored when I see people on Facebook declare that everyone be on notice, because they’re going through and cleaning up their friends list.  In other words, we’re all hanging by a thread, and could be deleted at any moment!  I have never resorted to these extreme tactics, but there might be something to it!

I made a statement several years ago, that I had made a choice for my family, that we were going to do the best that we could to keep out crazy!  Basically, our philosophy is, we have enough, crazy, chaotic, unpredictable things already going on in our life, so why make things worse by allowing people that are notorious for doing crazy things, into our lives?  Maybe to paint some people’s lives with the crazy brush is a little broad or extreme, but hear me out.

We’ve either all received advice from our parents, or given advice as a parent, to carefully choose our friends.  We’ve also either warned, or have been warned, of the dangers of other people’s negative influence in our lives.  With that said, this further confirms my theory today that we will all be better off if we keep crazy out of our lives!

I’m certainly not advocating you going to people in your life, informing them that they’re crazy, and that you can no longer be friends.  Perhaps use a little more tact and wisdom.  But as we all move forward, we will all be faced with the opportunity to forge new friendships and relationships, and if you ever feel any hesitation about allowing certain people into your lives, maybe you should go with your gut feeling, and make the sometimes difficult call, and keep crazy out of your life!

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