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Keeping Volunteers Happy

For the sake of this post, I will use the word volunteer…although it could certainly be interchangeable with “employee” as well.  

Scenario #1: You see a volunteer getting ready to approach you, you immediately realize that you have forgotten to follow through with something that they asked of you.  Perhaps they were running low on supplies, or were in need of a particular tool, or were awaiting an email response from you…whatever the case, you failed!  Kinda a harsh word…but that’s what really happened.  You look for a way out, desperately hope for a Southwest Airlines, “Want to get away” commercial to come to life, and teleport you to an exotic island in the Caribbean.  This doesn’t happen, and you’re now face to face with an individual who was depending on you to make their job easier, or provide them with something that is vital for them to complete their job.  

Scenario #2: You see a volunteer getting ready to approach you, they have a huge smile on their face, a little extra pep in their step, and you (deep down inside) are thinking, “Wow, I really am the man (or woman)!”  They are excited to report to you that they are thankful that they received what they needed from you, and they are super excited about their job or particular task!

You tell me.  Which of these scenarios do you prefer?  The truth is, you can ensure that your volunteers stay happy, by simply making yourself available to them!