Putting Out Fires

[sgmb id=”1″] This morning, a faithful member of our church (@apcofcburg), informed me that they had stopped by the church and took care of a problem that could have potentially been disastrous. My response? Thanks for putting out the fire! This might not mean a whole lot to you, and no, it wasn’t a literal […]

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Finding Your Voice

We had some friends recently visit our home. Our dog Zoey was checking them out, no doubt recognizing their familiar scent. Zoey, swept away with excitement, was jumping all over them, and even let out a small bark of excitement. Our friends, who had been around us and Zoey many times over the last 8 […]

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The Rhythm Of Life

At some point between birth and age 4, I became fascinated with playing the drums.  So, I used anything that would function as drumsticks, and banged on anything that would function as drums.  At first, the infatuation was simply the noise that I could create…and obviously, the hopes of one day becoming a rock star. […]

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