Multi Media Dos and Don’ts

[sgmb id=1]   I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to grow with the important ministry, some refer to as Multi Media, within the church over the last decade.  Some call it your A/V (audio/visual) department.  Obviously, the technology and opportunities are rapidly changing, costs can seem expensive (everything is relative…plus, you get what you pay for), yet […]

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Digital Footprint

To some, the term “digital footprint” might not be a familiar concept, however, I was inspired to share my thoughts on this matter.  Your digital footprint is essentially anything that you post on Facebook, Twitter, your Blog, etc. and even comments you make in response to other’s digital posts. Clearly, we are living in an […]

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Just A Simple Reset (Technology)

I probably don’t do enough media/technology related posts.  And was even reluctant to do this one, because I am, by no means, an expert when it comes to the various technological uses we have in the church.  However, if anything, as an unwilling member of the school of hard knocks, I came across something this […]

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