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Message From A Goat

Okay, I know I just completely set myself up to be the punchline of your next joke, but give me a chance to explain.  This is an actual headline that I read:

Coast Guard Rescues Man Kicked Off Mountain By Goat 

Surprisingly, even after reading the story tweeted out this morning by Fox News, we don’t know a lot of the details, but then again, what more do we really need to know about this situation.  Let me break it down.  Man goes on mountain.  Goat goes on mountain.  Man is not built to walk on mountain.  Goat is created to walk (successfully) on mountain.  Goat sees man.  Goat looks to get a good kick out of this unfolding story…man ends up in water.  Coast Guard heroically rescues man.  The End.

Here’s what I learned and hopefully you can apply it to your life.  

  1.  This man was spending time in an environment that he was NOT created to thrive in
  2. He was clearly trying to do something he had no business doing
  3. While the goat was just being the goat, the man was not just being the man
  4. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, the man was setting himself up for a disaster or tragedy

Final word.  Be who God created you to be.  Not what you’re creating yourself to be, but what God created you to be.