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No Big Deal

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I’ve recently discovered that when dealing my children, and their sometimes overly dramatic encounters in life, this 3-word phrase has become my go-to response. No big deal.

“But Dad!” They say… “You don’t understand (fill in the blank crisis)”…

And I say… “It’s no big deal!”

Basically, my point is, unless you’re dying, it’s no big deal. Essentially what I’m saying is, everything is relative.

My youngest child is constantly asking questions about the juxtaposition of things, of life’s many, ever changing spectrums. Often times, my explanation (tapping into my infinite wisdom of course), includes the reminder that most things in life are relative. So, when she begins to “emotionally” tell me about the latest drama on her 15 minute bus ride home, and believe me, there is plenty of daily drama on that 15 minute bus ride home, relatively speaking, it’s really no big deal.

Here’s an example of one of my personal, so called, crisis…so my truck, with over 215,000 miles, has seen its better days. It’s currently sitting in a local auto repair shop waiting to get fixed. Seems like a nightmare. But honestly, and relatively speaking, it’s no big deal. With some elbow grease, expertise, and of course, me opening my wallet and dumping out loads of cash, it’ll get fixed. So yea…it’s no big deal.

However, I have a dear friend who is battling (and winning that battle I might add) stage 4 cancer. Now THAT’S a big deal.

I have a precious family member whose life got turned upside down a few years ago when his amazing job (of well over 30 years) abruptly came to an end when the owner decided he wanted to shut the plant down. About that same time, his health completely failed him, and he went from having everything, to losing everything. Now, THAT’S a big deal.

I know people who seriously struggle with their mental health and well being. Who are in need of clinical help. Now THAT’S a big deal.

I know of a family where the wife/mom abruptly left the husband and kids, never to return again. Now THAT’S a big deal.

Are you starting to get the point? There are a lot of things in life that are just simply petty. Really not worth the energy or effort to waste worrying about them, because in the grand scheme of things, they’re really no big deal.

Are there things in life that might need your care and attention? Absolutely! If you’ve ever planted some flowers, or worked a garden, you know what I’m talking about…however, with all of the sweat equity you have invested, you know that it does no good to mentally anguish over “making” your garden grow and produce. It will do so according to its own time and according to its own season.

Remember the incredible Biblical principle of whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. I firmly believe that this principle applies to nearly everything in life. So if you’ve sown properly, what happens in the meantime is really no big deal, because in the end, you will reap if you faint not.

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