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Keeping Volunteers Happy

For the sake of this post, I will use the word volunteer…although it could certainly be interchangeable with “employee” as well.   Scenario #1: You see a volunteer getting ready to approach you, you immediately realize that you have forgotten to follow through with something that they asked of you.  Perhaps they were running low […]

Personal Growth


Someone once said “it’s better to be warm and vertical, than cold and horizontal”.  After about 13 minutes I realized what they were saying…IT’S GOOD TO BE ALIVE!  Get it?  Cold and horizontal?  In a casket, presumably buried?  Dead?  Flatline?  Anyways, it seems like life is a blur.  In a recent conversation I had, I […]

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Guest Post: Using Social Media For Churches (By Jacob Tapia)

1. Keep posts short.  People are mostly scanning through their feeds and don’t usually take the time to read through long posts.  Keep it simple and get your message across in statement and question forms that are brief and easy to read.   2.  Include a call to action.  Ask, “What do I want the […]

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Practical Discipleship

Several years ago I sat in session at a popular Student Ministry conference focused on discipling students.  I went in expecting to receive some deep, theological revelation, a real fancy-shmancy, sophisticated version of WWJD, but found myself stunned (in a good way) at how practical discipleship could be. Simply put, Bo Boshers, a veteran of Student […]

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The Good Thing About Flip Phones

At first glance, you wouldn’t think that my Grandpa (Pop…as he is universally known) would have much in common with billionaire and Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones.  On the one hand, Pop is proud of his 3rd grade education, his status as a Union retiree, and his small pension that he receives every month.   […]

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Obligations or Opportunities

  Leonard Ravenhill, a famous 20th century, English author and Christian Evangelist, once said “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity”.  This powerful quote has always impacted me.  In other words, practically everything we do in life, or attempt to do, has an expiration date.   I recently […]


Job Descriptions

Isn’t there an old saying? Job descriptions: Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em?  Well, maybe that’s not entirely an old saying, but it should be.   I’ve recommended to more than one future church staff member, that they MUST get a job description from their Pastor/Supervisor.  There’s almost nothing more frustrating in the […]

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Talent? Or Experience?

My thought process today has been sparked by a popular, ongoing debate with one of my life’s passions: The University of Kentucky Basketball team…often referred to as “The Big Blue Nation”…or, the best team in the history of college basketball…might have just used a little poetic license and liberty right there.  Anywhoooo…UK has been criticized […]

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What Is

Good question…glad you asked! is a ministry to encourage and equip church leaders, volunteers, and aspiring church junkies.  And by church junkies, I mean people like me.  Bill Hybels has been quoted as saying, “The local church is the hope of the world!”.  Thanks Bill, that’s a lot of pressure that you have just […]