Discipleship Student

Practical Discipleship

be_with_factor_student_guideSeveral years ago I sat in session at a popular Student Ministry conference focused on discipling students.  I went in expecting to receive some deep, theological revelation, a real fancy-shmancy, sophisticated version of WWJD, but found myself stunned (in a good way) at how practical discipleship could be.

Simply put, Bo Boshers, a veteran of Student Ministry (and by veteran, I mean, not like 5 or 6 years, but 20+ years) told us to go home, and start discipling students by using what he called the “Be With” factor.  

Since that time, his concept of “Be With” has become widely publicized in the world of student ministry, in fact it is something that I have taught to our local church’s youth team, as well as discussed with other youth workers.

There’s really nothing too tricky about the “Be With” factor, but it’s legit!  For example, you have to drive an hour away to pick up a special package, instead of going by yourself, take a student, or someone you are mentoring, to “Be With” you!  Get it?  It’s really not that difficult, but it is an incredible opportunity for you to casually impart to someone you are mentoring or discipling.  

Who is someone that you are mentoring/discipling that you can “Be With” this week?