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Whether you’re in the public sector, working in a church environment, or volunteering as a leader in some capacity, the success of our jobs depends on how productive we can be.  I just want to mention several tools that I use that might help you increase productivity.  (Note: Find what works best for you!  Just discover the best way that you can be productive.)

  1.  For many years, I used a Franklin Covey daily planner.  I took it with me everywhere I went.  Took notes in it.  Made myself reminders.  Scheduled events and commitments.  Recorded addresses and other important, vital information.  The digital age is actually putting these types of methods out of business, but if this works for you, then don’t change!  The bottom line is to be consistent!  THAT, is productivity.
  2. Pretty much everything that I do now to increase and maintain productivity happens on my smartphone.  I arrived late to the iPhone world, but now EVERYTHING that I depend upon for my productivity is what we would call web based.  In other words, I can access it via my iPhone, my iPad, or my computer.
  3. Here is a list of the apps I use:
    1. For daily tasks and reminders: Calendar, Reminders, Do, Nozbe  
    2. For notes and ongoing thoughts: Evernote and Workflowy
    3. When working with teams: Asana, Google +, Planning Center Online, Dropbox

What I’ve found to be the most important thing is the accessibility and retrievability of the information that I need.  Whatever the method, make sure you find something that is easy and practical for you.  Feel free to share in the comment section below any recommendations you might have!