Roemer Haiti Relief

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Dear Friends,

I want to utilize this platform that I have to share with you an opportunity to provide direct relief and support to the storm stricken citizens of Haiti.  I know that as I post this blog, the same storm system, Matthew, is approaching landfall in the USA.

Since assuming our Pastoral role here in Kentucky, we have had my aunt and uncle, Andy and Debbie Roemer on two occasions.  They have not only blessed our church, but have introduced us at APC to the urgent, and ongoing need that is Haiti.  Needless to say, we feel their burden.

Less than a week ago, Matthew consumed the island of Haiti causing unprecedented damage.  It took my cousin Andrew several days before finally making contact with my aunt and uncle.  Obviously, there were many prayers being prayed for their safety, as well as they safety of all Haitians.  Here is a Facebook posts with an update of the Roemer’s status via my cousin Andrew (as of 10/05).


In the meantime, my cousin has organized a relief effort to take supplies and resources directly to where my aunt and uncle are living, in Les Cayes.  For those that know Andy Roemer, you know that any and every penny that will be donated will go directly to helping rebuild Haiti, and provide whatever resources are necessary to help people out.  In fact, he will go without things for himself before he neglects those that he is serving there in Haiti.

I spoke with Andrew yesterday, and he will be leaving the US on Sunday, as he has arranged a trip with a friend who is a pilot that will be flying him directly into Haiti.  So, there will be no delay with customs, no delay in shipping, no unnecessary red tape…all of the funds that we can generate will be immediately put to good use.

Here is the link to donate

Please continue to pray for them and the entire nation of Haiti.

Yours Truly,

Nate Roemer

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