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Now here’s a deep subject.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one.  Perhaps it’s just me, but have you ever looked back into the days of yesteryear of your life, and been critical, ashamed, embarrassed, regretful of your past?   Your roots?  Maybe you’ve looked back with pride, perhaps your “roots” prompt a smile on your face, and bring back fond memories.  

Here’s the thing about our roots…good or bad, they have helped shape us and define us into who we are today!  We’ve all had people from our past who we’ve vowed to NEVER be like!  We’ve all had experiences from our past that have caused us to reshape the way we think.  We’ve all had precious memories from our past that we’ll cherish forever.  

Simply put, you and I would not be who we are today, or where we are today, without our past.  Here’s the kicker…this happened almost naturally!  Or, at least at a time in our lives where we really had no say in the matter.  So, if our roots have led us to where we are today, some might say by chance, or we could say by Divine Providence, what would happen if we were intentional from this point forward, about the kind of root system that we were developing!

I really believe that, while you can’t do anything to change your past, you can do everything to determine your future.  Go ahead, don’t hesitate, don’t delay, get your root system firmly planted and established TODAY!

Psalms 1:3