Personal Growth


My wonderful wife recently took on a new job.  This was a really big deal for our family.  And it forced us to reevaluate the stewardship of our life.  Why?  Because we were going to have more of one thing, and less of another.  Let me explain.

  1. It’s always nice to have more money.  However, what I quickly realized though, was that unless we were good stewards of that money, then we would essentially be wasting any increase we might have!
  2. We had to give up time.  More money we’re okay with, but less time?  Our lives radically changed, most noticeably in the morning.  My wife gets up between 4:30 and 5:15 (AM that is) and then, the part that really got me, was that I was now in charge with getting our 3 lovely children ready for school.  Most importantly our 6 year old.  Jesus help me…

It’s interesting what we’re capable of doing when we’re forced to (or, in this case, we chose to).  And yet, in the midst of this significant transition in our life, we began re-learning what it means to be good stewards.  A steward is basically one that is entrusted with something that doesn’t belong to him/her.  Our money, and our time, only exists because of God!  He created it.  Made it available.  Allows us to use it.  And all we’re responsible for is managing it properly.

In conclusion, we frequently discuss stewardship in our local church.  Specifically, three areas: time, talent and treasure.  For just a moment, I wonder if you could take a good look at the stewardship of your life…your time, talent and treasure?