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Internal Conflict

One of my fondest memories as a youngster was putting together an “animal news” scrapbook.  Not like the bedazzled, fancy scissor cutting, scrapbooks you see today.  But a 3-ring binder, paper, glue, and crudely cut out newspaper articles.  (Yes, we used to get the daily newspaper).   So, I’ve always had this interest in animals, […]

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Release The Brakes

Perhaps you live in a beautiful, warm tropical climate, which would make me a) very jealous of you, and b) highly suspicious that you’ll have any clue of what I’m attempting to illustrate.   Here in the midwest, we’ve been known to occasionally get a little snow.  It’s to the point now, where I don’t […]

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Don’t Forget To Breathe

Have you ever been in a group exercise class and the instructor says to the class: “Don’t forget to breathe”!  I’ve always silently chuckled at this advice, but it’s pretty good isn’t it?  Ya think?  I mean, breathing is a rather critical part of working out…or pretty much everything we do for that matter! Their […]

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Now here’s a deep subject.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one.  Perhaps it’s just me, but have you ever looked back into the days of yesteryear of your life, and been critical, ashamed, embarrassed, regretful of your past?   Your roots?  Maybe you’ve looked back with pride, perhaps your “roots” prompt a smile on your face, and bring […]

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Someone once said “it’s better to be warm and vertical, than cold and horizontal”.  After about 13 minutes I realized what they were saying…IT’S GOOD TO BE ALIVE!  Get it?  Cold and horizontal?  In a casket, presumably buried?  Dead?  Flatline?  Anyways, it seems like life is a blur.  In a recent conversation I had, I […]

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The Good Thing About Flip Phones

At first glance, you wouldn’t think that my Grandpa (Pop…as he is universally known) would have much in common with billionaire and Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones.  On the one hand, Pop is proud of his 3rd grade education, his status as a Union retiree, and his small pension that he receives every month.   […]

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Obligations or Opportunities

  Leonard Ravenhill, a famous 20th century, English author and Christian Evangelist, once said “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity”.  This powerful quote has always impacted me.  In other words, practically everything we do in life, or attempt to do, has an expiration date.   I recently […]