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Talent? Or Experience?

My thought process today has been sparked by a popular, ongoing debate with one of my life’s passions: The University of Kentucky Basketball team…often referred to as “The Big Blue Nation”…or, the best team in the history of college basketball…might have just used a little poetic license and liberty right there. 

Anywhoooo…UK has been criticized over the last few years because many of their players arrive on campus in Lexington, KY, and at the end of their freshmen year of college, they bolt for the NBA (to become professionals).  Of course, as Kentucky fans, we’re not too upset as long as every other year or so they get to the Final Four and win the National Championship…this is even more sweet when along the way we beat Louisville and Indiana…two of “our” most hated rivals!

While most coaches prefer experienced, mature, veteran players, UK’s coach has embraced the philosophy that talent is better than experience.  Yes, it is a great philosophical debate, but at the end of the day, perhaps 8 or 9 times out of 10, talent will always prevail.  Of course, we’re talking dynasty if Coach Cal could ever get talent & experience!  

My point is this.  Work on your skill.  Develop your craft.  Perfect the art of whatever it is that you do!  And in the real world where most of us live, years of talent, will eventually collide with experience, and then we’ll be able to drastically impact and improve our world and those around us!