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The Good Thing About Flip Phones

At first glance, you wouldn’t think that my Grandpa (Pop…as he is universally known) would have much in common with billionaire and Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones.  On the one hand, Pop is proud of his 3rd grade education, his status as a Union retiree, and his small pension that he receives every month.  

Jerry Jones on the other hand, according to, is worth about $2.7 billion.  I don’t personally know Jerry Jones, but, he could probably purchase whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  But that’s just the thing…let me explain.  

Pop, and Jerry Jones, both use flip phones.  See, I told you they had something in common! I know, I know…in order to be cool, you have to have the latest iPhone, or Galaxy, or whatever the latest smart phone is on the market.  But, here’s the catch, Jerry Jones told CBS the reason why he has a flip phone, he said: “It’s how you have a stadium worth $1.2 billion…if you watch your pennies and use flip phones”.  

Pop, doesn’t own a stadium, and the reason he uses a flip phone, is probably a little different than the reason Jerry Jones uses a flip phone, but Pop always said this: “It’s not what you make, but it’s what you save”.  Frugal wouldn’t begin to describe Pop, but he and Jerry Jones just might be on to something.  

Watch your pennies, and even use a flip phone if you must, but having what you really want is what matters!