The Spectacular or The Small

Pardon the sports analogy, but big games, that are decided by a point or two, are usually remembered for the last second shot that was made, home run that was hit, field goal that was kicked, etc.  The spectacular play.  The spectacular finish.  It’s what dreams are made of.  It’s what we did as kids growing up, counting down the last few seconds of the game of a lifetime.  5…4…3…2…1!  And the crowd goes wild!!!

I hope that you have had those “spectacular” moments in your life.  And if you haven’t, when the game of life is on the line, I hope that you can rise to the occasion, and become spectacular.  But the truth of the matter is this, you will have significantly more “small” defining moments in life than you will “spectacular” moments.

In fact, I would suggest that those small moments, and whether we succeed or fail at them, actually determine whether or not we will even need those spectacular moments.  Yesterday, I wrote about stewardship, consider this example in this context.  You are negligent all month in the stewardship of your finances, you neglect to pay your electric bill, rather choosing to spend that $100 on a new outfit.  Then, you receive a letter in the mail stating that on a particular date your electricity will be shut off.  You immediately panic, and realize that you have to do something!  Miraculously, somehow, you are able to pull the extra money together, and you are able to pay your overdue bill.  Yes, you achieved the spectacular, however it could have been avoided if you would have taken care of the small.

Life is not so much about the heroic spectacular moments, as much as it is about the small, incremental steps, of just taking care of business, the ordinary, the routine…yes, even the mundane.

I HOPE, that if the moment ever arises, you can be spectacular; but I KNOW, that every moment, of every day, you can accomplish the small.