Untapped Resources

So you think that you are a doing everything that you can possibly do.  You think you’ve exceeded all expectations.  You’ve reached your maximum, possible potential.  Well, let me just be the first to say…YOU HAVEN’T!  And I’ll prove it.  Reach your hand up as high as you can.  Now, reach a little higher…I’m guessing you probably were able to somehow, miraculously, reach a little higher.  Why?  Because you were asked to, you were challenged to, and guess what?  You did!

I really believe that we should all be open minded enough to utilize the untapped resources, that many of us, already possess, but for whatever reason, just aren’t using right now.  This is NOT a political rant, just an illustration.  In March of 2011, an article was submitted online about the world’s largest untapped oil reserve.  Guess who’s sitting on it?  We are!  The United States of America!  It is estimated that there are up to 2.3 TRILLION barrels of oil available, sufficient to meet 300 years of demand, at today’s levels.  But, it’s rendered useless because we have not tapped into this abundant resource.

  • What skill, talent, calling or ability, have you been ignoring?
  • What untapped resource is lying beneath the surface of you?
  • What have you been unwilling to take the risk in accessing and releasing?

If my guess is accurate, we all have something that we’ve yet to activate.  Who knows?  It might help you unlock and reach your full potential.  And don’t be deceived, it’s potential that you had confused for being dead, but, wait…it’s not dead, it’s just dormant.