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What Is

Good question…glad you asked! is a ministry to encourage and equip church leaders, volunteers, and aspiring church junkies.  And by church junkies, I mean people like me.  Bill Hybels has been quoted as saying, “The local church is the hope of the world!”.  Thanks Bill, that’s a lot of pressure that you have just placed on all of us!

So, with that said, it’s up to us rescue the world.  Ahhh…but with what tools?  What kind of tricks do you have up your sleeve?  Ultimately (disclaimer #1), God is the only one who can save.  Agreed?  Just say yes…yet, with that said, God has called people to help accomplish this monumental task!

This is where we come in.  Here at, we realize that EVERYTHING MATTERS!  So, with that said, we will literally attempt to discuss, blog, write about, maybe even argue about, EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS!

Stay tuned.  Enjoy the journey.  And let’s see where this road takes us…