Student Ministry

What’s Wrong With Me

What’s wrong with me?  Good question.  I’ll attempt to answer this, rather than have each and every one of you consult with my Therapist or Wife.  Are you ready for my answer?  Okay, here it is…nothing!  Absolutely NOTHING is wrong with me.  

Let me break it down, and explain my response in its entire context.  I will admit that in other areas of my life, there are plenty of things that are wrong with me, however, in regards to the fact that I am approaching my late 30s and am STILL a Student Pastor (as opposed to being a Lead/Senior Pastor), there is nothing wrong with me.  

People frequently ask me what’s my next…to which I respond, this is my next!  Now, I understand what they’re getting at, but ultimately, I believe that I am living out my calling and purpose in life.  Trust me, I am realizing now more than ever the challenges that I personally face because of the age gap between myself and the students that I lead, however, I am more confident, more prepared, and better equipped to be a student pastor than I ever was when I was in my mid 20s!  

I used to be the cool, hip big brother.  Now?  Not so much.  I am realizing (and also embracing) the reality that I am becoming more of a spiritual father for the students in my care.  While I might not have as much in common with them as I used to, I am in a far better place to challenge them and help them to grow spiritually…and when it’s all said and done, what’s more important?  Liking the same things?  Or going to the same place…HEAVEN!  

So, regardless of what ministry that you might be serving in, the next time you begin to question what might be wrong with you, first ask yourself: “What is my calling?”, and that my friends will help you answer many other important questions in your life.